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Star Lee (Xiamen) Logistics Co., Ltd is an international freight forwarding company approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China. Registered with the Ministry of communications of the state of the carrier qualification (NVOCC) and the international shipping agency business qualifications. The company mainly by land, sea and air import and export goods transportation business camp, including: container transportation, booking, storage, transit, customs declaration, quarantine, bonded transportation and related consulting services. Our company since its inception uphold humanized service, professional operation and institutionalized management mode, to provide optimal .Quality and efficient services.

With strict management system, as well as the business is excellent, sincere professional staff, successively with over 50 major cities and regions agent to establish a good relationship of cooperation, always adhering to the "best", "the management idea, with the big shipping companies have ONE 、HAMBURG-SUD、MSC、MAERSK、APL、OOCL、HAPAG-LLOYD、EMC 、CMA  and so on has established long-term, stable and good relations of cooperation. In Europe, the Mediterranean, South America ,Australia ,Africa , the Middle East , Southeast Asia 's route has stronger competitiveness. Special services: booking service freezing cabinet and top cabinet, cabinets and other special counter agent framework. Have the advantage of price support, more strong guarantee space, dedication to customer service.

bb快速厅下载"Integrity, professional and efficient" is the service tenet of star. Currently has 243 trailers signed a trust agreement. At the same time with the Xiamen ports, customs wharf, custom brokers company have good relations of cooperation, for the customer agent declaration, commodity inspection and other export related services. In the aspects of shipping agency, star to provide freight inquiry, shipment notice, overseas network, insurance agency, booking, Shanzhi documents such as related to the import and export of transport services, to customers at home and abroad to provide network services agency, including extending the service of the designated goods operation arrangement and the receipt and payment of freight and inland. We can according to customer's specific goods and route, for you to create for your logistics solutions, reducing the costs of shipping, cargo security, quickly delivery destination, the maximum to meet customer needs. For the sustainable development of both sides, do the best! The company all staff will be full of enthusiasm, we sincerely look forward to your call!

  • bb快速厅下载Mainly engaged in container shipping to all over the world, bulk cargo transportation, handling export cargo booking, loading, container transport, bills of lading issued, insurance and other services

  • bb快速厅下载Special freight vehicles. All lines will be implemented LTL day of departure Direct Line, from door to door, information feedback, the person responsible for each line, the entire transport

  • Air transport, air transport export of transit cargo air transportation of bulk transport of imported goods and export goods corresponding document processing

  • Our modern warehouse facilities, for your exports and imports of goods, transit storage custody services provided.

  • After we shipped the goods from China to other countries, we'll help foreign consignee there were the goods in the customs import declaration (clearance) transported to designated foreign factories.

Providing customers with freight shipping companies, about prices, schedules, flight information and our service in international and domestic agent network

Since its inception uphold human services, specialized operation, systematic management of corporate model, providing customers with high quality and efficient services.
  • Shipping is an important foundation for economic and social development of the industry, China's foreign trade by maritime transport 90% complete. The shipping industry in the province to ensure the flow of key materials, transportation and other aspects o
  • Recently, Fujian Maritime Bureau released 2014 annual crew training quality evaluation results, performance competency transition crew training programs training quality grading of baked, Xiamen area 3 4 crew training programs, including training institutions,
  • This morning, the International Maritime Federation of Teachers was held in Xiamen Jimei University, 22nd Annual Meeting, 66 experts and scholars from around the world related to academic achievement on international maritime education, the development of inte
  • January 1, can be loaded with 19,000 TEU container ships in the world's largest "in the sea of the Pacific" was the first berthing Songyu berth container terminal on the 2nd."Sea of the Pacific" container ship belonging to CSCL company, is the world's
  • The first shipment from Taiwan strait passenger cargo shipping Wheel "COSCO Star" successfully delivered to Xiamen. This marks the official opening of cross-strait shipping courier, but also to build a full range of Xiamen port, sea and air shipments to Taiwan
  • Strait shipping express business officially entered the operational phase of the pilot. The first departure from Taiwan seaborne shipments from "COSCO Star" ro-ro passenger wheel bearing on both sides, the smooth arrival of Xiamen, Xiamen Golden Ferry Terminal
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